Donate to BLF

The Bethesda Life Foundation exists by the gracious gifts and grants from individuals, groups and organizations.

In fiscal year 2012, the Foundation received nearly a million dollars in donations. These were used to establish offices as well as hire the first staff members and other administrative support, and to begin funding individuals for expenses related to travel and other logistical costs pertaining to adult stem cell therapy.

Bethesda Life is committed to operating leanly in order to minimize overhead costs while maximizing the good done for others with the gifts received from donors. There are only two full time staff members, with contracted accounting services and legal counsel (on an as-needed basis).

The Foundation invites you to join our family of supporters by making a financial gift to Bethesda Life. You may make a contribution online by clicking on the "Donate" icon at the bottom of the page, or by sending a check to:

Bethesda Life Foundation
2550 Meridian Blvd., Suite 200
Franklin, TN 37067

A gift of any size will help someone in need to allay costs related to getting access to life changing, and perhaps life saving, leading edge medical treatment. Treatment that otherwise would be outside someone’s grasp will become within reach because of the donation you make today.

Bethesda Life Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and your donations are tax exempt.